Hello, I’m Katarzyna, owner and founder of KM Wedding Planner. I am a busy mum as well as a wedding planner. My experience has led me to creating the first and only wedding event that brings all the various providers in the Wedding industry together –  WEDCAMP. I am also the creator of the TIPI WEDDING brand, promoting weddings in boho-chic style in Poland.

What do I do in everyday life?

I make dreams come true! From the little ones to the big ones.

I enjoy… travel, drinking good wine with good food in good company, socialising with friends and most of all I love my job! It might sound cliche but its the truth.

I love… people, pressure, coffee and sweets!

What do I want from life?

…. Love, beautiful sunrises, excitement and maybe someday a daughter!!! Not too much to ask for J

What kind of person am I? Honest, first and foremost and very creative – I get bored with the daily routine so I create new trends, innovate and build new brands, I change things up for the sake of making things interesting!

What are my bad habits?

Exclamation marks!!!!  As you may have already noticed.

Why choose me?

My business experience, coupled with my perseverance have given me a crucial understanding of how to pursue one’s goal and never take things for granted or rest on my success.

My Experience?

Since 15 years of age I’ve known what I wanted to do in life. I wanted to plan events! I started with a Degree in Wedding & Event Planning. But after 5 years of learning theory I wanted to put my skills into action. I worked in a 5* hotel as a waitress and became manager within 3 years. Then I became F & B Manager but didn’t stop there (I am not one for routine as you know).

The peak of my career at that time was hosting the ITALY football team in Wieliczka during the 2012 European Championships. A hugely enjoyable month’s stay was had by the Italian team along with achieving 2nd place at the Euros. This gave me my wings and filled me with confidence for the next step.

Young, motivated and passionate about events, I then made the strategic decision to become a Wedding Planner. That’s how my KM Wedding Planner brand was born.

I invite you into my world.

Katarzyna Michalska

Wedding Planner Kraków